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About the characters...

Lisa, Carole and Stevie would seem to have it all, great riding stable which comes with an amazing instrutor, beautiful horses and acres of trails for a great ride, but for these 12-year-old girls, everything is changing, right before their very eyes! Everything they know,their childhood will be lost in the whirlwind of adolescence. As if pressures from the stable, caring for their horses, school, jobs, and parents weren't enough, now they are beginning to notice boys for the first time. Well, some of them are anyway. In their ever-changing world, these girls have one thing they can count on: from preparing for a major horse show, to coping with tough issues like the death of a horse. They have each other.

Left to Right: Carole (Keenan), Lisa (Lara), Stevie (Sophie)


Phil Marsten 

Kristi Cavanaugh

Deborah Hale

Max Regnery

Drew Regnery

Mrs. Reg

Brian 'Scooter' Mulcahy

Dorothče Doutey

Melanie Atwood

Elenor Atwood