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I have searched the web and I have found lot's of pictures of the cast and crew on set and during filming and so nobody else has to go through that gruelling process I have posted all the pictures I have found here on this website. Most of these pictures are official and belong to companies like Crawfords or ABC or YTV and so they are copy-righted and are not to be used for money or anything like that, though you can download them to your computer and print them out and things like that.

You may find that there are photos which myself, or someone else has taken themselves, therefore, the picture is not an official picture but belongs to an individual and you must ask them permission before taking the picture! Please be careful about what pictures you take.

If you have any photos that are not here then just go to my Yahoo! group and post them there and if they are good photos then they will get posted somewhere here on this site and I will add a creit to you on my links/thanks page. You will not go unnoticed!

Every month you can vote for your favourite picture from each of the galleries and each month the winning picture will be displayed just to the right where this months one is right now! I will also try and tell you a little about the picture and if you have some infomation please feel free to share it with me!
This picture is from the episode "Horse Play" when a 'fright night' is held at Pine Hollow and Stevie is playing tricks and she has that big painted bag fall down. That's what the girls are gasping at.
Thanks a lot to Lauren a.k.a Sophiefan45 from Horsewyse for that infomation.

Picture of the month!!!
Every month you can vote for your favourite picture and the favourite picture will be displayed here

Series One Filming

Keenan Snaps

Sophie Snaps

Kia Snaps

The Saddle Club Tour July 2003


Fountian Gate


The Show Ponies Tour, September 2003


End Creits

Lara Snaps

Heli Snaps

Glenn Snaps