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If you want to donate something but don't want to go unnoticed, don't worry because this is the place where I hope I can thank every single wonderful who helped me out!

There's a lot of people that I need to thank for helping me with my site but there's a few special people who I must say an extra special thank you to.
To Vicki- you work so hard and you do so many things that don't give you profit, like giving us our fourm, thank you so much for everything you've done for me and all the other Saddle Club fans!!!
To Shae- I don't know what I would have done without you Kirby, you're so special! You know all about pictures, and sites, and The Saddle Club, and everything there is to know about, what else can I say? A lot, but I won't!
To Sarah- Thanks for being my buddy. For sharing pictures with me, letting me help with your site and helping with mine.

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I need to remind you that I am not Bonnie Byrant nor do I have any connection to her. I am not Lara Marshall, Sophie Bennet, Heli Simpsion, Kia Luby or Keenan Macwilliam and I have nothing to with them! I cannot get them to meet you in the chat room and I don't think they will be dropping by to leave a message in the guest-book! I am not any of their agents and I have nothing to do with their agents. I am not any of the rest of the cast or crew and I have nothing at all to do with any of them. Again, I CANNOT get the stars here and if they do appear here, I'll tell you if it had anything to do with me!