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Red O'Malley


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Red O'Malley is 17 years old and loves horses and Max found him the job as lead stable hand at Pine Hollow. He is CCC (cool, calm and collected) at almost all times and in the girls eyes KK (King of Kool).

Red's past is a complete mystery and people sometimes wonder why he isn't a professional horse trainning. He can do anything with them.

Veronica treats Red badly, as Veronica does, and she can't understand why Kristi throws herself at him and follows him around all the time.  

Red's Favorite Things:

  • My favourite thing is training and maintaining horses
  • My least favourite thing is mucking out the 11 stalls
  • The most wonderful thing I've ever done is make the national equestrian team
  • The best thing about horses is their individual personalities
  • My favourite place is Pine Hollow
  • My favorite food is hot porridge on cold mornings
  • To cheer myself up I go for a canter up the country
  • The best present I ever got was a guitar
  • The most exciting thing I ever saw was the birth of a foal
  • I like people to think I'm down-to-earth
  • My favourite music is Ben Harper, rock and alternative
  • My favorite actor and actress are John Wayne and Sandra Bullock
  • My best quality is my dedication to my work