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Melanie Atwood


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Melanie Atwood is Lisa's little sister. Melanie admires her older sister so she starts taking riding lessons at Pine Hollow to. Melanie sometimes doesn't realise it but she gets in Lisa's way, a lot!
Melanie is no under achiever and like Lisa she is very good at the things she does, except, everytime, she seems to out do Lisa, but Lisa is determined to make riding an exception on Melanie's list.
Melanie is very spoilt by her mother and sometimes Lisa feels a little unloved.
When Melanie starts at Pine Hollow, she gets friendly with Veronica DiAngelo. Veronica manipulates Melanie into being her groom at a horse show and has Melanie doing lot's of jobs with a promise at the end but every time Veronica gives Melanie something else to do, the prospect of what Veronica promised seems less and less likely.