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To get a great show you need imput from lot's of different, people, doing lot's of different jobs. Here is a list of all the jobs and all the people who do them on The Saddle Club and a little bit about them. They will be put up slowly, one at a time. There's a lot of people to do so just be patient! I won't forget, don't worry!

Basically the producers, produce... Their job is watch over everything happening. They're the people who "make everything happen" and they're are basically the "bosses" or the people in charge of what happens well, everywhere. Though they aren't quite the big, big bosses. They work for the exceutive producers who work for the film companies.


Paul Bronfman

Steve Levitan

Nick McMahon

The Writers:
The writers are the people who turn Bonnie Byrants words into a script that makes sense and that the audience understands (because in the books Bonnie Byrant has an ommnisent narrator).

The directors work for the producers and they basically they are in charge of the actors preformances. If the actors don't do well enough then the directors yell at them, then producers yell at the directors and it goes on. The directors are responsible for the "mood" or "look" of the show overall.

Key Creative People
The key creative people are the people who bring the writers ideas and dreams to life (well at least, across the screen)!

Michael Chisholm

Jose Perez