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Everyone wants to write to their favourite stars so here's how to write to the The Saddle Club Girls!


Everyone wants to tell their favourite stars how great they are, right? Well its really quite simple to write to The Saddle Club girls- here's how.

The Official Saddle Club Fan Club (10/10)
The Fan Club is cheifed by Horsewyse Magazine's amazing editor Vicki who has great connections and is sometimes lucky enough to get the chance to chat with the girls every now and again and whenever she gets the chance she passes all mail she has recieved onto them.

Vicki also has a fowarding address for Kia (Kristi) and Heli (Veroinca) and she passes all mail straight onto them when she revieces it.

Name of Saddle Club Cast Member
Saddle Club Fan Club
Horsewyse Magazine
P.O. Box 4144
Knox City Shopping Centre
Wantirna South
Victoria, Aust. 3152

Saddle Club Tours (10/10)
If you're lucky enough to get the chance to see The Saddle Club girls on tour, then take the chance to give them something because the girls, as far as I know, take the chance to read everything that gets given to them.

The Saddle Club Magazine (10/10)
The Saddle Club Girls told The Saddle Club Magazine that Keenan is a great listener and a really understanding friend. So, we asked her to lend sympathetic ear to all of you and help solve YOUR problems too. Are you having a tough time at home? Getting picked on at school? Just feeling a bit confused about something? Write to Keenan! She's here to give good advice and help solve your problems!

c/o The Saddle Club Magazine
Ask Keenan
GPO Box 4119
Sydney NSW 2001
Please make the subject of your email "Ask Keenan"

All these addresses are 100% real and all the above infomation is true. The Unofficial Saddle Club Fan Site has no personal contact address for the cast members and nor do any of the above address, they are all foward to agents and production companies.
I recieved the above picture along with a letter from Sophie in the mail, please DO NOT USE it. Its very special to me and I don't want it plastered all over the web!