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I know that everyone loves making friends and I know that you're all here to find out about The Saddle Club so I opened a Yahoo! group which all fans can join! Click here to join it! Through the group you can post pictures and files, esspecially if you haven't seen them here on the website. I will add them and your name will be on the thanks list, as well as meet new people and vote in polls with questions that some of the stars actually asked the public themselves and lot's lot's more.

For those of you who do not have a Yahoo! account or just don't want to join the group I have also added a chat room and forum and some polls about the website here. Its not as big and you can't add pictures but you can still meet people. You also can't enter the competitions until you are a member of the group! Sorry!

Remember there is to be no swearing no threats no blackmail and basically be nice or I will find a way to have you band!!!

This guest-book is also on the homepage if you have signed that then you do not need to sign this one becuase it is the same book!

Ask questions about anything to do with the Saddle Club at all and they will be answered by anyone who knows the answer, not just me! You can answer peoples questions to! 

Once I know lot's of people visit this site I will orginise live chats here for anyone, not just the members of the group to talk about The Saddle Club!

Every month there will be a new poll to vote in about The Saddle Club or this site and for more questions, some even asked by the stars themselves officially, just visit my Yahoo! group!