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If you were wondering how to be active and/or contribute to this website then the infomation below will be very helpful to you. See something on the site that you don't understand, then come straight to this page and its probably explained somewhere here, otherwise, use the forum that will be up on this page soon to ask about anything that you don't understand. If you think something should be here and its not, just post in that forum that's coming soon!


I have opened a Yahoo! Group so all people who would like to be active members of this site can join for whatever their reasons might be, good intentions I HOPE! Here is a list of oppurtunities for members of the group...
  • For all group members there will be orginised live chats. This basically means that in our private live chat room we can have orginised sessions where basically anyone who wants to comes to the chat room at this certain time and you can meet new people and talk about The Saddle Club. You can ask questions and have them answered by anyone almost instantly by anyone who knows the answer, not just me! (In my chat rooms there is no swearing, blackmail, exchange of money for anything to do with my site, everything here is free! Basically be nice or you will be blocked!)
  • Members will have the oppurtunity to enter Saddle Club related competitions and be able to win prizes (nothing solid though).
  • Members can contribute infomation/pictures/files to the website. If you do send me a picture etc... then please name the file with your name and whether it is a picture, video, infomation or whatever. For how to contact me go to "contact me." I have asked you to name if with your name because if I decide to use the something you sent me I would like to add your name to the credit/thanks list.
  • Members can vote in polls and open their own polls on whatever the topic is whether Saddle Club OR the website.
  • Members can post questions in the forum and have them answered by me OR anyone else who knows the answer.

There is more coming soon to the group. Once there is more members, there are more oppurtunities. I've got big plans so invite as many people as you can!

For those of you who would like to meet people, enter competitions etc...but don't want to commit to joining a group or don't want to get a Yahoo! account or whatever other reasons, there are some things to do here on the site. 
  • There is a live chat room and there will be orginised live chats, like the group except it will happen here on the actual site in my chat room (In my chat rooms there will be no swearing, not abuse in any way shape or form, no blackmail and nothing should be exchanged for money on this site! Be nice or you will be banned, somehow!)
  • Occasionally there will be Sadde Club related competions when I have time to think about it which will mean usually in the (Australian) school holidays
  • There is a forum on the site where you can ask questions about The Saddle Club or the site, to everyone visiting the site, including me.
  • If you would like to donate something to me, I'm sorry but I cannot put your name on the credit/thanks list because I need to know that you really are who you are and I would like to get to know the people in my group. If you would like to send me something, just name it with your name and what it is like, picture, infomation, file or whatever it is. For how to contact me to send things to me go to the "contact me" section.
  • There will be a poll on the website and you can vote in it but it will not change very often and you cannot add your own. If you want to ask your own questions in a poll then I suggest you take the time to join the group

There isn't much that you can be involved in, really activly unless you are a member of the Yahoo! group, which is explained on the left of this. We'd really like to see you there but this is really all that you'll get for non-members. Sorry guys!

Have a question? Wasn't it answered? Ask it here!