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  • To contribute to the website, (sending pictures, files, info etc...), there are two ways to do it. If you are a member of the Yahoo! Group then just post it in the photos section of that site. If you are not a member of the yahoo group then email the file to                                      N.B Please name the file with your name and what type of file it is so if it is a picture and your name is Fred then the file's name should be "FredPicture" or your name is Bob and your sending me some infomation "BonInfo" or whatever. Naming it with your name means that you can be credited on the thanks list for helping me out with this site and telling me what is just makes things a lot easier for me. I would prefer it if you were a member of the group and you donated something but I will still credit you if I use whatever you give me. Thanks guys!!!

  • To ask questions about the show to anyone and have them answered right then and there by anyone who knows the answer you can either join a live chat here on the site (dates yet to be provided) or if you are members of the group, you can join one there (the first one will be on Sunday 16th at 7:00pm) but when there are no live chats open there is always the question forum where you can post a question and have it answered by anyone who knows the answer, including me, or you could orginise your own chat
  • To ask questions about the site go to the "How to..." section of the site and at the bottom of the page there is a forum where you can ask questions and I, or anyone else who knows the answer can answer your question. It isn't a social board but a questions board.

I only want Saddle Club things. Nothing else!!! Please, remember, this is a Saddle Club website, not a dating site!