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Kristi Cavanaugh


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Every snob needs a side kick and Pine Hollow's snob is Veronica and her side kick is boy obsessed, fashion concious Kristi Kavanaugh. Kristi has had a long time crush on stable hand Red O'Malley as well as a series of other boys who seem to pass through Pine Hollow. Kristi seems like an air head and she doesn't often think for herself but when something really bad is going on she can summon up enough will power to turn away from Veronica and she has helped The Saddle Club on a few occasions, though it takes a bit to gain their trust.
Kristi can sometimes be a little full of herself. Like the time there was a producer of a live kids sports show come to do a segment on horse whispering at Pine Hollow and Kristi seems to think she is one because of a fluke earlier in the morning then when she trys to do it again live on TV...she can't do it and The Saddle Club come to her resuce but she can't see that they are doing something good for her.