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Saddle Club Sounds...
"The songs are about friendship, adventure, horses, trying your best, and having FUN! It's full of great pop music and there are karaoke versions included as wellso grab your hairbrush and sing out loud!"

Music Updates: The Saddle Club: Secrets and Dreams is due for realse on April 11th with its single Undercover Movers and Shakers (Undercover Movers and Shakers [The Saddle Club], Today [Lisa], Boys [The Saddle Club], Undercover Movers and Shakers [long version]).
The Sydney Royal Easter Show opens on April 2nd and with it comes The Saddle Club Arena Show feauting all your old favourites and some new ones to! The 50-minute feature show stars all your favourite Saddle Club characters. See for more details.
Keep checking for more pictures from all recent tours!


1. The Way You Are
2. Don't Ask Me
3. I Want To Know You
4. Princess Veronica
5. A Girl Like Me
6. She
7. Sister To Me
8. All I Want
9. Can You Read The Sign (Alex Marrionet)
10. No-one Like You
11. Daddy's Little Girl
12. Holding Onto You
13. Crazy
14. There's Always Room For Love


TRACKS 1. Carole and The Saddle Club: We Can Do Anything 2. The Saddle Club: On Top Of The World 3. Lisa: Every Day 4. Veronica: Tell Me What You See 5. Red: My Sunshine 6. The Saddle Club: Hey Hey What You Say 7. Stevie: Everything We Do 8. Lisa: Storm 9. The Saddle Club: Everybody Come On 10. Phil: Please Come Tonight 11. Carole: Ride Like The Wind 12. Veronica and Kristi: We Got Style 13. The Saddle Club: Wonderland 14. Carole and The Saddle Club: Au Revoir Dorothee


The Saddle Club hit the music indurstry with their first song, "Hello World" by popular demand after it was featured with the end credits of the show and they've been booming ever since.
"Hello World" did so well on the charts that the big money making people that we never hear about decided to get the girls going with an album, what else could the fans want? "Fun For Everyone" was realased in late 2001, and went gold after 3 months in stores, that means it sold over 35,000 copies!
The producers took that as a good sign, and the girls kept on going with the realsed on their second single "Hello World/Hey Hey What You Say" which were both featured on "Fun For Everyone" but surprisingly enough, "Hey Hey What You Say" wasn't sung by The

Disc 1.
1. Undercover Movers & Shakers
2. Diablo
3. Its A Lovely Day
4. Im A Girl
5. L.I.F.E.
6. How I Feel
7. Amazing New World
8. Seasons Colours
9. Heaven Meets The World
10. Oop Oopee Doop I Love You
11. I Feel So Alive
12. Happy Every Day
13. Stars Tonight
14. Secrets and Dreams

Disc 2 Bonus disc - Sydney Royal Easter Show

(This album features two different covers and what you see above is a single image with both covers merged to one picture.)

1. Hello World: The Saddle Club
2. Perfect Boy: Carole
3. Kinda Wonderful: Stevie
4. Be A Star: Lisa
5. Tears Of Gold: Veronica
6. Friends To Be: Phil
7. Sooner Or Later: Kristi
8. Boogie Oogie Oogie: The Saddle Club
9. Brand New Day: Red
10. Trouble: Melanie & Ashley
11. Friends Forever: Carole
12. In Denial: Lisa
13. Perfect Day: The Saddle Club
14. Undercover Movers and Shakers: The Saddle Club


1. Lisa: The Sun Is Always Shining
2. The Saddle Club: Hello World
3. Lisa and The Saddle Club: Dreams Come True
4. Melanie and Ashley: The Best That I Can
5. Veronica: Girl With Claws
6. Phil: Stay Here All Day
7. Stevie: Catch Me If You Can
8. The Saddle Club: Boys
9. Kristi: Crush On You
10. Carole: Dreams
11. Phil: Brighter Day
12. Melanie and Ashley: Hey Hey What You Say
13. Carole and The Saddle Club: We Are The Saddle Club
14. The Saddle Club: Together We Are

Saddle Club on "Fun For Everyone", in fact it was sung by two of the youngsters, Ashley and Melanie. The producers and obviously the fans loved it so much that soon everyone was singing it, and was soon it had sold over 50,000 copies on a single with "Hello World"!
They kept on rolling with a realse of a second album, "On Top Of The World" which has hit gold with a little help from their 2003 promotional tour.
To follow "On Top Of The World" was the series two favourite "Wonderland". Lisa, Carole and Stevie took the chance when they had it to sing at their favourite hangout, JB's on screen. The viewers loved it so much they had to hear it live at shopping centers across Sydney and Melbourne.
Now after the hit of Wonderland a third album is expected to follow along with to more singles!

Lynn Bayonas, Crawford Productions TV Producer for The Saddle Club:

Q. How did the saddle club girls become involved in making the albums?

A. Keenan MacWilliams who plays Carole was talking about her singing performances in Canada and the U.S. I already knew that Lara Jean Marshall, who plays Lisa, was a singer having seen her in Les Miserables on stage. And then Sophie Bennett, who plays Stevie, told me that she had had singing lessons as well. We decided that we would put a song into the show. Shock Records had been sending us songs they thought would be appropriate to use as background in the show, and amongst them was Hello World. I took the song out to the girls to see if they liked it and they thought I was suggesting it for the theme. Steve Levitan, our Canadian partner, also thought it would be a good them and so it was! We also had the girls sing it on camera in episode 18 of the first series and of course they sing it under the closing credits. There were so many requests for the song that Shock Records decided to release it as a single. And so it began...

Q. The Saddle Club has been a very popular TV show and its theme song Hello World became very well known with the fans. Is music an important part of the TV show and how is music used?
A. After the response to Hello World, we decided to make the singing part of the storylines. Keeping in mind that the show is about the girls' friendship and their love of horses, we didn't want it to become a 'girl singing group' show but we knew the interest was there from our audience. David Williams from Shock had a talented group of young composers come up with potential songs for the series and together with our editor, Bob Sprogis, we chose those appropriate to the drama (and some of course that were written specifically for a particular episode) as background Music and several times we used the girls singing on screen. One of our characters talks the girls into performing as a group at the local café and we got a terrific sequence out of that. And of course the girls loved the experience of recording the songs and performing them.

Q. What do you think saddle fans will enjoy about the saddle club albums?
A. We found from series 1 that our audience records the episodes and watch them over and over. The songs add to their enjoyment and judging by the fact that most mothers of girls aged between 4 and 8 can sing Hello World and Hey Hey What You Saythe songs on the show and the follow up albums have been very successful.