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Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and now, Tasmaina!


Fans of The Saddle Club always wanted to be the fourth member and they got close with the chance to attend the crowded sing-a-longs to promote the 3rd smash single, Wonderland

The Saddle Club girls hit stages across Melbourne and Sydney in July 2003 for their first live prefromaces since the beginning of the show in late 2000. More than 4,000 fans packed into shopping centres through the cities to see the giddy up girls Sophie Bennett, Lara Marshall and Keenan Macwilliam, or better known to their fans as Stevie Carole and Lisa along with loads of their friends, Kristi, Veronica, Melanie, Ashley, Phil, Red and Scooter, some of whom also took the stage to sing along. Lines for autographs stretched back out of sight as fans queued for hours to stand in front of their favourite stars while they signed a treaused piece of Saddle Club merchandise.

I attended the Sydney, Eastgardens tour and the girls were absoluetly fablous. They didn't show any signs at all of being tired for all their hard work including recording for their next album and filming its video clips and spending time satisfing their press. The girls sang Hello World, Wonderland, Hey Hey What You say and left the stage for Kristi (Kia Luby) to sing her solo Crush On You and then was joined again by The Saddle Club girls to sing Everybody Come On, a track from their album On Top Of The World. I had one of my Saddle Club books signed, and shook Keenan's hand (she's got really dry hands!)

The Show Ponies really were making Trouble with their debute single and its live preformaces!

The Show Ponies with special guest Lisa and your host Kristi took to stages up and down the Australian East Coast in September 2003 with massive audiences to match those from the earlier apperances by the main cast members. The tour was to promote the new album Friends Forever and the first single for The Show Ponies, Melanie and Ashley who sang their song, Trouble as well as Hugo's Song, which features on the single. Lisa took the spotlight to sing one of her new songs from the album "In Denial" and then shared the stage with Kristi to help her sing her new song "Sooner or Later" and then were joined on stage by The Show Ponies for Hey Hey What You Say and Hello World. Kristi did a wonderful job as host, keeping the audience entertained with little digs such as telling the audience about a bet she'd made with Lisa, that the people at Macarthur Square could cheer the loudest "but don't tell Lisa" she whispered.

Princess Veronica wasn't asking anyone when it came to make her solo debute in January 2004

Princess Veronica and friends Kristi, Melanie and Ashley drew huge crowds to shopping centres through the Australian East Coast early this year to promote the new smash single from Heli Simpson, Don't Ask Me and its album, the first solo realse of Heli Simpson, Princess Veronica. The girls enjoyed singing 7 songs for their fans. New versions of Everybody Come On (a track from On Top Of The World) and Hello World were sung by the four as well as Trouble, The Show Ponies smash single, Kristi had a new song, There's A Boy and then was joined by Veronica to sing a duet from the new album Sister To Me and then the spotlight was left to Veronica to sing her single Don't Ask Me, which she sang with great passion. At each apperance she sang a different song from the album including A Girl Like Me and Crazy great upbeat tracks. Melbourne siders were also lucky enough to catch an apperance from Scooter, the 'love interest' on the show for Veronica who sang their duet from the album which they also had a part in writing Can You Read The Sign. Autograph sessions were also an enjoyable session with the lines moving quickly and the girls happily chatting to their fans.



Fountian Gate







The Sydney Royal Easter Show

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