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The Saddle Club is so popular its even got its own magazine full of exculsive infomation, interviews, pictures and competitons!

The Saddle Club Magazine is published 6 times annually and it seems to get better every time! Each issue contains more and more exclusive articles about everything the girls (and guys) have been up to.
Everything from filming a video clip with Heli to being on set with the stars, on tour with the Show Ponies and exculsive interviews. Sometimes they'll slip in an article written by one of the girls like "Growing Up With Sophie" where Sophie talks about what its like being a teenager and Keenan is now running her own advice column.
There are fabulous prize giveaways, like winning props from the Trouble video set, loads of Saddle Club Merchandise and so far the magazine has run two competitions to meet a Saddle Club star. The Lunch With Lisa competition was won by a lucky girl called Stephanie.
The magazine also prouduces a double sided Saddle Club poster with each issue! There's loads of amazing stuff in this magazine, you don't want to miss it!


Saddle Club Magazine Issue 1

Saddle Club Magazine Issue 3

Saddle Club Magazine Issue 5

Saddle Club Magazine Issue 2

Saddle Club Magazine Issue 4