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Fan of the Saddle Club?
Then read on...

You must be a fan of The Saddle Club to be reading this now because this site is absolutley positivley EVERYTHING Saddle Club!

The brand new Saddle Club album Secrets and Dreams and its hit single Undercover Movers and Shakers are taking fans by storm and being enjoyed around the country! Undercover Movers and Shakers is currently sitting at number 14 on the ARIA Charts.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show has been a complete sucsess with The Saddle Club girls making their Live Arena Show debute in the Sydney SuperDome, singing along with other cast members, Kristi (Kia Luby), Veronica (Caledonia Connor), Ashely (Jannelle Corlass Brown) and old friend Murrary (Troy ) and their horses Starlight, Prancer, Belle, Garnet, Dime and Angel had fans singing and dancing along, smiles all around! See our page "The Easter Show" for more infomation.
The Saddle Club has been nominated for a Silver Logie in Outstanding Series, so get your copy of TV Week and get voting!

The 12th of Januray 2004 marks the beginning of Heli Simpsons solo career. Her debute album "Princess Veronica" and its single "Don't Ask Me" which happens to be Heli's favourite track on the album Has been relased and is on sale now, currently sitting around the middle of the Take 40 Charts! She's also just finished her first video clip for the single, for full photos see and follow the links!

Heli Simpson and Jessica Jacobs will also be appearing with leading roles in the new series Fergus Macphail on Channel 10 at 4pm. Matylda Buczo appeared as a guest star, Tracey. The show revolves around Fergus, who just moved from Brisbane to Melbourne and he's got a lot to deal with... Fitting in, dorky parents...

The Saddle Club girls are fresh from 2 ARIA nominations (Most Orginal and Best Kids) for a picture of them see Other pictures and infomation is avalabile on the Total Girl website and in the third issue of The Saddle Club Magazine.



I am not Bonnie Byrant and I have no connection to her. I am not any of the cast or crew of The Saddle Club TV series and I have nothing to do with anyone who does. This website is for your and my enjoyment only! Please do not ask me to get the cast or crew or authors to meet you in a chat room or whatever. Nothing on this site is so far copyrighted to me but a lot of pictures were taken and styled by official websites and companys and they are copy righted to them!!! Do not sell images because they are not yours to sell!