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Brian 'Scooter' Mulcahy


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Scooter is a charming, laid back youth. Ho approves of computers because he likes the way they do all the thinking for you (so you can do something else!). He likes the idea of turning lead into gold and watch your numbers grow. That's why he wants to he the manger of The Saddle Club Singers. Stevie, Carole and Lisa will do the hard work and he does the hard bargining and everybody wings (esspecially him!).
He has mastered his AI technolgy and one day hopes to he will be able to write a program that will provide him with the key to wealth (fast cars and wall to wall computer games!).
Everyone at Pine Hollow likes him because of his happy and laid back nature. He loves to laugh and can stop you working in a second if he wants you to. He was hired to set up a computer system for Pine Hollow and as general 'gofer'. But Pine Hollow doesn't have a lot of money to spend so Scooter is doing it as cheap as he can.
Veronica is absolutey appaled at his laid back nature but everyone else finds him very entertaining.