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Nick McMahon


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The Saddle Club is lucky to have one of Australia's most highly respected TV producers with over 30 years experience in Australian telivision, Nick McMahon. He orginally spent 13 years as the Crawfords Sales and Marketing Director, selling Australian products around the world but in 1987 he formed McMahon and Lake Pty Ltd with Michael Lake and was behind the Australian Mission Impossible series, which got international sucess. He became managing director of Village Roadshow Pictures (Australia) Pty Ltd and also rejoined Crawfords in 1999. He has also worked as an international consultant for US Home Box Office (HBO) and is currently a Pacific Rim Representitive of the National Television Excetives (NATPE) and a member of the Evalution and Advisory Commitee of Film, Victoria and Vice Presidant of Screen Producers Australia (SPAA)