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Jose Perez


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Jose Perez

Ask Jose Perez who the most beautiful person in the world is and he'll tell you anyone who has sat in his chair brings something equally beautiful and special to the screen and over 41 years of international work in the job of hair and make-up hasn't changed this outlook.

The night before day one of The Saddle Club he just couldn't sleep. He was so excited about how to make the cast look even more enchanting than ever! He tells about the gap the cast sits at between childhood and maturity and how important it is to retain this freshness and innocene but also give the girls space to bring their own beauty and other qualities to the screen.

Beginning his career in Spain, Jose trained for four years in make up and prosthetics for films, television, stage, photography, wig making and hairdressing and worked in Spainish and American productions such as 55 Days at Peking and then he moved foward to Australia where his work is as well known in different films such as Picnic at Hanging Rock (which he won a Sammy Award for) as well as Young Flynn, Hotel Sorrento, 200,00 Leagues Under the Sea and guinevere Jones.

He has also won an Academy Award for his Mae Up in The Lord of The Rings. "It was a wonderful four year project and I am proud of what we achieved," he tells us.

Jose has worked with big names such as Rudy Nureyev in Don Quixote, Max von Sidow, Liv Taylor, Claudia Cardinelle, Sigrid Thornton, Guy Pearce and thousands of talented actors and directors and is often in awe of their beauty.

Jose does his job extremely well on The Saddle Club. He tells us that "Make up artists are more than sponge and foundation experts. We are the first people to see these youngsters when they arrive on set and we sometimes see happiness; sometimes their little faces show insecurity and unhappiness. Our job is to talk to them and gain their confidence and send them out on to the set looking and feeling beautiful. And then they do a wonderful job and everyone is happy."

"There is something special about each film and series. I reminded the kids today when we were starting out - let's do it well and be focused, but don't forget have fun. If there is no fun, we will lose some of the magic of our jobs," he told them.