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The first issue of TSC Mag wasn't to full with detail on TSC but we included what we thought was interesting...

What's it really like for Lara, Sophie and Keenan to turn into Lisa, Stevie and Carole for the day? We followed them around on-set in rural Victoria to find out!
Sunday night. Lara Marshall sits crosslegged on her bed, memorisingher lines for tomorrow's day of shooting the Saddle Club. She knows that her co-stars Sophie Bennet and Keenan Macwilliam, will be doing the same in their homes.
Monday morning. It's 5:30am. Lara is already up and listening for the runner's car. She checks her callsheet and smiles. Soon all the girls are on the move travelling to the location. Nathan, the second assistant director, sits at a table in the corner with scripts and schedules load out in front of him and a walie-talkie close at hand. The horses whinny in gretting as the girls approach, looking foward to the petting and stroking they know they will get.
In the stables, the director runs the girls through the scene, showing them how he wants them to move before he shouts "Action!"

Welcome to our very own exclusive Saddle Club Secrets column. We can't reveal our secret opperative's identity, but let's just say you won't get this infomation anywhere else and you can trust that it's ultra reliable - straight from the horse's mouth, as the saying goes!

If anyone can give you the lowdown on Pine Hollow Stables, its me. I see it all and hear it all because I can blend into the background and they don't realise I'm listening. I hear all kinds of secrets that way. I know more about the people at Pine Hollow than anyone else!

The time that gypsy boy came to camp near the Stables. Rafael. Everyone was pretending to be real cool around him. But they were al straining their bridles trying to get him to notice them. Even Carole had a crush, probably because he was such a good rider. All The Saddle Club were knocked out by his riding.

All infomation thanks to The Saddle Club Magazine Issue 1