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Lara and Kia tell about life on the set of The Saddle Club, making a video clip with Heli Simpson, Kia's segment on Creature Features, Sophie tells all about fashion and much much more...


[Extract] Lara and Kia reveal what life is really like on the set of the Saddle Club.
No matter how glamorous being on television might look, it's basically a lot of hard work. The actors had to get up at 6am, fit in eight hours of work and somehow manage to do their school work as well! A whole lot of work goes on behind th scenes of a children's television show and dozens of people are involved. With so much going on, it could have been a bit scary for some kids, esspecially for Kia, who had never acted before. After a day on the set, things were fairly normal for the Australian actor Kia, Heli and Lara because they would go back to their normal homes and get on with their normal life with their families.
"As soon as I would come home, I'd have to clean my room and my mum would put me back in line pretty quickly."
It wasn't like that for Canadains Sophe and Keenan, who shared a house with some of the other actors and their chaperones.
But as the girls got to know each other better, the Saddle Club set became a great place for slumber parties and fun- and the girls became like family.
- From Saddle Club Days -


[Extract] It's fun to sing and ance along to the music of the Saddle Club stars, but have you ever wondered what it takes to make one of their video clips? We sent Shuwei, our roving reporter to the set of Heli Simpson's "Don't Ask Me" video, to find out!
The stars of the Saddle Club are taking a break from filming but Heli Simpson isn't getting any rest! She's busy making her first music video for Don't Ask Me. Even though it looks like filming a music video is simple and easy, the truth is lots of time and hard work go into making one. On the actual day of filming truckloads of equipment arrive early at the first location, which is in Melborune's bayside suburb of Black Rock.
Bart, the firector of the music video, has worked with Australian artists such as Christine Anu, The Androids and Some For Kate.
Its taken a whole day to shoot 45 minutes of film. The length of the film measures 700 metres!

[Extract] We go on location with Creature Features as Nick interviews Kia Luby about horseriding, fish sitting and her camera-shy puppy, Ruby Luby.
Its a beautiful, sunny day in Melbourne, and Nick and I have just arrived at Kia's house about an hour or so outside the city. Her home is gorgeous and surronded by pine trees, a pool and lot's of bright flowers. After the introductions, everyone wanders out to the backyard to watch the first scene of Kia's segment being filmed. "Danger, danger, puppy playing up!" says Mark as he tries to dodge cheeky Ruby's jaws. Next, we head up to Kia's bedroom to meet the fish she is looking after for Sophie who is back in Canada for a while. Kia's room is soooooooo clean! At 3:30pm we break for a while and head back downstairs to the Luby's kitchen. Kia's mum and dad bring out some delicious cake. There's not much time to enjoy the delicious cake before we have to move on and shoot another scene. When we arrive at the riding school, firls who are spending their holidays at Pony Camp mob Nick and Kia. "Its Kia from the Saddle Club!"

[Extract] Did you know that Sophie Bennett has a passion for fashion? Here she explains how you can express your personality through your clothes.
I love many, many things, but one of my favourite subjects in life is fashion and design. I love shopping with my friends, designing and creating my own clothes, putting things together, studying fashion and style, and doing something a lot of girls love to do - flicking through magazines! I feel that a lot of people get too caught up with celebrities and wanting to look just like them. So-called "celebrities" are real people too who still have had hair days, get pimples and feel down about themselves, just like everyone else. So, when you next look at a picture of a celebrity or model, instead of wishing you looked like them, get some ideas like cool hairstyles, make-up amd clothing and create a look that's all your own!
And remember, everyone has their own beauty!
Sophie Bennett

All infomation from The Saddle Club Magazine Issue 4