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Carole Hanson


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Carole Hanson


Carole HansonCarole is a clever 12-year-old-girl with a very natural riding ability. She was absoluty devastated when her mother died of cancer and she almost gave up riding. But then her father, U.S. Colonel Mitch Hanson, reminded Carole that her mother would have wanted her to follow her passion.

With some money left by her mother, Carole bought a buckskin gelding named Starlight. Carole knows her future lies with horses. She can feel it. But she can see there are many different yet exciting options and she hasn't choosen one yet because they all seem so great! Her school marks are good enough for her to become a veterinarian, but she would also love to breed and train thoroughbreds. She also thinks about being a professional steeplechase jockey, or even traveling the world teaching dressage clinics.

But whatever career she chooses, her most immediate goal is to be the very best rider she can be and she knows that her friends will always be there to help her.

Caroles Favourite Things