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  • Carole HansonMy favourite things are animals, hanging out with friends, playing my guitar, being goofy, and holidays
  • My least favourite things are homework, spinach, insincere people
  • My biggest secret is still my biggest secret
  • The most awesome thing I've ever done is steal Prancer and save her life
  • When I grow up I want to be involved with horses and animals, most likely I would pursue a career as a vet
  • The best thing about horses is their loving nature
  • The best thing about my horse is how sweet she is to me
  • My favourite place is Pine Hollow
  • On my bedroom wall I have posters of horses and animals
  • To cheer myself up I go and ride Starlight or play my guitar
  • The best present I ever got was my horse, Starlight
  • I like people to think I'm caring, funny, fun to be with and not a snob
  • My best friends are Stevie and Lisa
  • My favourite bands are Destiny's Child and solo artist Craig David
  • My fourite actors are Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz.