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When Heli was 6 years old her mother thought she showed talent so she put her in a drama school. Since then Heli has studied jazz funk, ballet, oboe, singing and guitar and she is still taking piano lessons.

Heli is a very busy girl. She is a very happy member of the drama club at school. Her favourite subjects are drama, though theres no surprises there, and maths. She has a very realistic approach to the filming schedules and she says: "I know it will be tough work and we'll get tired sometimes. But it will definitely be fun and the most marvellous opportunity for me to learn from everyone around me." Heli is also a good swimmer and she rides at least once a week and pretty soon I am going to lease my own horse, which will be so great" she says happily.

Helis credits before The Saddle Club include the BBC mini-series Bootleg, played a role in the Australian television drama Blue Heelers, and worked in the Cox/Knight production After the Deluge, Halifax f.p., Neighbours, and her C.V. includes leading roles in school productions, including Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and she is currently filming Fergus McFail a joint BBC/Channel 10 Production which Jess Jacobs (Melanie, Saddle Club co-star) is also working on.

She auditioned four times for the role of Veronica and it was a tough decision but she won it fair and square and shes doing a great job!

People ask Heli about Veronica all the time; after all, shes the master in Veronicas head! One of the questions most actors get asked are How are you different to your character? This is what Heli says; "I'd like to say that I have many major differences to Veronica because she is so horrible to everyone! However, she is a real person inside, and is looking for acceptance amongst her peers, but doesn't know the best way to do so" and generally she quoted this about herself and Veronica; "I think she's a terrible girl. She is quite boy crazy and will go after any boy she thinks is cute. She won't ever care for her horse and tries to get other people to do the work for her. She will only try to be friends with other girls if she thinks they are stylish; then she will try to boss them around. She's not a nice girl at all" and after series two she was asked to 're-quote' Veronica, "On the outside, she is obviously a spoilt rich girl. But she is an only child and she would really like friends. I think she is lonely but she doesn't want to show it. And deep down, she would love to be a member of The Saddle Club." Heli is nothing like Veronica though, she is just a wonderful actress!

Heli had been riding long before The Saddle Club and she describes her dream horse as A light chestnut with no leg markings, small white star, very willing nature, honest, good temperament, young and energetic gelding, and above all, FUN! Heli also works very closely with her characters horse, Garnett, and so she must have developed a bond with him to, she says: Garnet and I? I've never met a horse like him! I have certainly learnt new things about riding and horses from him. He's a spirited character.

Heli also sang on The Saddle Club album, Fun For Everyone, the song Girl with Claws and then later again for On Top Of The World she was a part of the backing vocals for the second smash hit single Hey Hey What You Say and she sang her own, Tell Me What You See as well as a duet We Got Style with Kristi (Kia Luby). She says that it was a great learning experience. It was great! A great experience to put on the records and a good learning curve. I love singing, and I'd love to do it, but only if it comes in conjunction with an acting job!

In ten years time Heli hopes to be acting professionally in Australia whether it be TV, film, theatre or whatever and hopefully still have her horse, Woody which unfortunately is not complete. Heli recently sold her horse Woody to another member of her Pony Club as she needed a more advanced horse to continue with her riding.

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