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It's been a long long long time since I wrote here...*sigh* does anyone read these anyway? I think I started this section to entertain myself during class but its holidays now, so I'm going to reflect back on my year TSC wise and with the site.
We saw series two. My my the girls have grown up a lot haven't they? Esspecially Sophie and her hair! She looks a bit more like a girl now but I can't say their acting skills have changed.
We heard two new albums with some great new songs. I think the albums also reflected the girls growing. The girls have moved away from some of the more childish themes of the orginal album toward more teenaged themes and we look foward to another realse from Princess Veronica.
We saw the girls sing live, twice and are looking foward to hearing the new songs from Princess Veronica on her tour in Januray.
The Keenan snaps completely crashed but I think they're the fullest album now, so Keenan should be happy! I hoping to get a load more pictures up soon, but I'm not sure that anymore will fit on the site and I'll need to find another way to get them up!
I've chatted to a few people and apparently Keenan is becoming a bit more of a nasty person. My source is reliable but its not something I want to believe.
Jannelle is reported to have been seen in Metro, Melbourne dancing in an adult fashion with a heap of guys and also told Horsewyse one of her favourite things to do was to go clubbing...
My hand hurts from typing now...
Happy NY!