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Dream Gallop
Exciting careers are opening up for two teenagers who just love horses, writes Felicity Allen.
Horses well and truely out-pace hunks in the quest for the average tweenage girl's attention.
But for Lara Marshall, 15, and Kia Luby, 14, two stars of the hit childrens drama series "The Saddle Club", living the dream is all in a days work.
Set to perform songs from their hit CDs at this months Equitana event, the girls rae again busy juggling a normal school life with a busy publicity schedule.
Fresh from an ARIA nomination,

"The Saddle Club" pair are riding a wave not likely to crest for *I don't know what that said*
Marshall, who plays Lara and in the series, is now a household name for millions of Australian children.
But talk to this self-possessed young woman about her success to date and what becomes obvious is her commitment to her career, her fans and her peers.
"It was absolutely fabulous to be honoured at the Arias that way," she says of the Saddle Club's recent Aria nomination.
"Just to be there and meet people we really admire such as Delta Goodrem was just fantastic.
"We have been so surprised by the success of the CD and the series.
" I really didn't know it had that much of an impact on little kids.
"I'm glad it doesn, because I think there are some really good messages in the songs."
The Equitana event and "The Saddle Club" have been ? for horse ? young girls.
"I started riding when I became involved with "the Saddle Club", but I started to get really into it when I fell completely in love with my horse, Prancer," Marshall says.
"The trainers would let us ride at lunch time to help us imporve our riding skills and learn jumping and things like that.
"I that second series I did most of my own stunts, even some falling off, but obviously Crawfords (production company) wouldn't let us do anything too complicated."
Kia Luby, who plays Kristi in the series, loves action-based fun.
" I hadn't had much to do with horses until I started on "the Saddle Club", but now I am really into it and we all want our own horses now."
Like Marshall, Luby was soon confident in the saddle.
"I had a stand-by stunt double for this series who didn't actually get a chance to ride because I was able to do most of my stunts."
Luby's interests apart from acting and horse-riding include bowling, singing, basketball, surfing, water?-skiing and bike riding.
She is in regular contact with te Canadian girls from the cast.
"I just spoke to Keenan MacWilliam (who plays Carole) before on webcam, we are always emailing or calling each other on the weekend, we are all very close.
"My dream wuold be to act in an action movie."
Where to for "The Saddle Club"?
"We are all hoping for a third series, a movie or an arena event," Marshall says.