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You might know Glenn from the popular series on ABC Genie From Down Under. He was the little genie, the son of, guess who, the big genie!!! His Dad saw the article about the audition in the paper and decided to send his song along. Then next thing hes Gavroche in Les Miserables, then he is a singing Von Trapp child in the musical on stage of The Sound Of Music, and now, hes Phil on The Saddle Club, and lots more!

Glenn studied ballet, tap, jazz and singing and attended the Center Stage School of Performing Arts for three years and his still has singing lessons.  

At the moment Glenn is working toward his VCE so school is a big thing at the moment. "My favorite subjects are Media, Drama and I.T. Right now, I am really interested in photography which I am studying as part of Media and we are learning to develop our own work, which is great." Glenn says that next to acting photography is in sight.

Glenn is a good all rounder at sports and plays football, tennis, cricket, roller hockey and he also likes to skate. His favourite actors are Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise.  

Glenn is very in touch with his character, Phil, and he feels they have a lot of similarities. "I think I like Phil, because he's kind of like me. He's a normal boy and he likes the girls. It's good to play him because he's similar to me so I know what he's thinking," Glenn says after the first series, and during the second says: "He's an interesting character. He seems shy around Stevie but he's not shy around other girls and I guess that's because he really likes her. He is normally an outgoing guy and he doesn't have too many hassles, except he is terribly competitive." He also likes to talk about his on screen relationship with Stevie, "We're now girl friend and boy friend and we kissed last series, but I'm not sure where the relationship is going. But there is an episode called Love is in the Air, so who knows?

So who does know