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29th of April
I absolutley hate school!
We've all been put in different classes in half of the group that we went away to Broken Hill in. (2 weeks in the outback, 33 girls and 6 teachers! Yuck!) and anyway its the first day back and school and we're all in winter uniform and we're all hot and in this new class of the girls we went away with and the teacher didn't show and it was a doubble and we were all happy and then one girl decided to go and get a teacher and now we are in class and working (or bludging!) but its boring because we're supposed to DO stuff! Grrrrr!
I spent a lot of time putting up heaps and heaps of pictures for the individual galleries of the actors and actesses far only Sophie and Keenan and about to start Lara but still! Anyway, please enjoy! Can't wait for feedback,