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Stevie Lake


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Stevie LakeStevie Lake

Stevie refused to be called Stephanie, her given name, almost before she could talk, and christened herself Stevie. She was always a bit of a tom-boy, after all she grew up with three brothers, who wouldn't be! She was always excepted to do boy things but now she's sick of being "one of the boys" but she doesn't seem to fit it with other girls her age but there's one thing that will never change, her love of horses. When she's not dressed up and in the ring, Stevie has a funky, urban 50's style of her own and she loves vintage clothing and sometimes she makes a very bold fashion statment.

She has a younger brother who is 9, named Michael, and is the ultimate pain! He takes any opportunity to annoy his sister. Stevie's older brother, Chad, is 14 and does nothing to dissuade Michael from irritating Stevie, after all, isn't he the one who started the family tradition of practical joking? Stevie's twin brother Alex does play his part in tricks on Stevie but he is also very loyal to his twin sister, though he does like to remind her that he is old, even if it is only by six and a half mintues.

Stevie is impulsive, irrepressible and stubborn and is always coming up with some sort of crazey plan, and once she's got it, there's no chance of stopping her. Her "act-now-think-later" approch to life can and usually does, end her up in a bit of troubble but once she's in the ring she's a completely different person!

Stevie's parents, George and Catherine, are both lawyers with hectic schedules. They both worked hard for everything they have and know and want their children to be work smart and friendly. They promised Stevie one ridding lesson a week and for others she works in the barns.

Stevie is very comfortable around boys, after all she almost was one for so long! Well, until she meets Phil Marsten, who has a huge crush on her. She doesn't respond because she is too busy trying to outride, outsmart and outdo Phil at everything he does.

Stevie's Favourite Things