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Episode 1 The Saddle Club
Snobby Veronica diAngelo tries to befriend Lisa Atwood on her first day at Pine Hollow Stables, but when Lisa foils Veronica's plan to endanger Stevie Lake, Lisa proves to Stevie and Carole Hanson that she is best friend material after all.

Episode 2 Work Horses
The Saddle Club plans to horsenap Prancer from her owner before he can sell the mare to the slaughterhouse, but their plan changes when they discover Prancer has colic.

Episode 3 Trail Ride (Part I)

On the Mountain Trail Overnight, Veronica develops a crush on Phil Marsten, but to her dismay, he only has eyes for her rival, Stevie. In an attempt to get Phil's attention, Veronica endangers herself and her horse and winds up alone and unconsious on the trail. To be continued...

Episode 4 Trail Ride (Part II)

When Veronica's horse, Cobalt, returns to camp riderless, the Saddle Club, together with Phil, put themselves in danger to rescue Veronica.

Episode 5 Horse Shy
While teaching Lisa to canter, the Saddle Club is caught in a sudden storm, leaving Stevie and Carole stranded on a cliffside. Lisa must overcome her fear of cantering and ride for help.

Episode 6 Mystery Weekend

When Phil and his Pony Club come to Pine Hollow to participate in a mystery weekend to raise funds, they discover there is a real thief in their midst and the Saddle Club set out to catch the culprit.

Episode 7 School Horse
While trying to turn Prancer into the perfect school horse, Stevie and Carole argue over their different training methods and Lisa gets caught in the middle. The girls are forced to put aside their differences and work together when they fall in an abandoned mine shaft and Lisa is bitten by a poisonous snake.

Episode 8 Star Quality

The Saddle Club girls must teach teenage heartthrob Skye Ransom how to ride in order to save his movie career. Lisa never thought her first kiss would be with a movie star!

Episode 9 Herdbound

When Lisa's mother enrolls Lisa in a private boarding school, Carole and Stevie do everything they can to stop Lisa from going. Lisa finally learns to stand up for herself and confront her mother.

Episode 10 Greener Pastures (Part I)

Working with veterinarian Judy Barker, Carole can't help but compare herself to her late mother, Karen. Unable to deal with the loss of her mother, Carole is devastated when Veronica causes a fatal accident to her horse, Cobalt.

Episode 11 Greener Pastures (Part II)

With her father's help, Carole comes to terms with her mother's death and Cobalt's. Carole is thrilled to learn that Delilah is pregnant with Cobalt's foal.

Episode 12 Jumping to Conclusions

Stevie and Carole naturally blame Veronica when Lisa's school horse, Prancer, starts to act sluggish and unresponsive.

Episode 13 Headstrong

The Saddle Club girls think that Deborah has asked Max to sell Pine Hollow Stables. They succeed in breaking up the couple, only to realize that Max's happiness is more important to them than any stable.

Episode 14 Runaway
Red's cousin Liam lies to everyone he meets at Pine Hollow, trying desperately to fit in and make friends. When the truth comes out, Liam realizes his friendships were all based on lies and he leaves. Lisa, suffering from acute appendicitis, collapses on the trail. Liam redeems himself when he rescues Lisa.

Episode 15 Gift Horse
Carole feels like The Saddle Club is falling apart: Stevie's too busy with her old friend, Tina, and Lisa's obsessed with beating out Veronica for the lead in the school play. The birth of Delilah's foal brings the Saddle Club together again.

Episode 16 Flying Change
When Veronica appears to be neglecting her new horse, Garnet, in the same way she did with Cobalt, the Saddle Club girls enlist Phil's help to switch horses on Veronica and teach her a lesson.

Episode 17 Jump Off

Carole's role as best junior rider at Pine Hollow is threatened by the arrival of a talented, new rider, Andrea Barry.

Episode 18 Found Horse (Part I)
During a western riding clinic at Pine Hollow, Stevie rescues an abandoned mare and names her Belle. Deborah writes an article about Stevie and Belle and their photo appears in the paper. To be continued...

Episode 19 Found Horse (Part II)

Belle's rightful owner, Chelsea, sees the picture of Stevie and Belle in the newspaper and travels to Pine Hollow to take back her horse. When Belle runs away from Chelsea and will only respond to Stevie, Chelsea decides that Belle's place is with Stevie at Pine Hollow.

Episode 20 Across the Board
Determined to break up the Saddle Club once and for all, Veronica makes a bet with Carole. Carole can't go a day without running to Stevie and Lisa with information. Carole counters that Veronica couldn't manage even one day of doing her own barn chores. The loser must leave Pine Hollow.

Episode 21 Track Record

When a barn fire damages the hayloft and endangers Max's horses, Max comes down hard on Red for his negligence, and Red quits. The Saddle Club girls must find a way to get Red back.

Episode 22 First Refusal

Much to Lisa's horror, Lisa's mother invites Veronica to stay with them while Veronica's parents are away. Carole and Stevie are hurt when Veronica tells them what Lisa wrote about them in her diary. Deborah proposes to Max.

Episode 23 Horse Play

Lisa and Veronica are forced to work together on the annual Pine Hollow costume party. Lisa gets even with Stevie for her practical jokes by staging an eerie prank of her own.

Episode 24 High Horse

Everyone is surprised when a visiting "horse whisperer" praises Kristi for her natural talent. Kristi's swollen ego becomes unbearable when she is selected to star in a live sports segment for a kids TV show.

Episode 25 Bridle Path (Part I)

As Max and Deborah's wedding day approaches, Stevie finally gets up the nerve to ask out Phil, but to her alarm Phil seems more interested in Veronica! Things go from bad to worse for everyone when Max and Deborah postpone their wedding after a fall leaves Lisa in a coma. To be continued...

Episode 26 Bridle Path (Part II)

When Carole and Stevie's efforts awaken comatose Lisa, Pine Hollow is thrown into a frenzy to get Max and Deborah's wedding back on track.

Thanks to the official ABC Saddle Club website for this episode guide