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Sophie Lynn Bennett


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Sophie Bennett followed the family thing, as she called it, and started acting as a baby when she appeared in ads and after that she just kept going. Her credits include What Katy Did (MOW for Catalyst), The Unicorn's Secret (NBC Miniseries), Code Name: Eternity (Warner Bros./Protocol), Universal Soldier (MOW/Catalyst), Real Kids, Real Adventures (Discovery Channel), Goosebumps (Scholastic/Protocol), The Mighty (Miramax), The Clinic (MOW/Showtime), Mother's Day (ABC/MOW) and Sneaking (Ryerson Student Film). In theatre she has appeared in Souled Out for Kids in Action.

Sophie was very ready and laid back when she auditioned for her part on The Saddle Club until she got her final call back. "I was excited and nervous at the same time, a little bit scared, but I just tried my best. I told my mother that if I got the role, I wanted her to walk to school and tell me. And when she walked into the class in the middle of the day, I knew I had it. I whispered it so some of my friends, we all jumped up and down, then I raced to ring my dad. It was just so exciting to know that I would be coming to Australia for five months and filming a series with horses," she says.

Sophie has an older brother, Zachery, now 22 and older sister Marion, now 26 who are also in the acting business. She also has another brother who is a director and her mother used to be a actor and is now a writer.

Just like her character Stevie, horses are one of her favourite topics. Sophie describes her dream horse as not certain colour, or breed but with character that meets her and that she understands, though she does love a lot of horses. After filming two series of The Saddle Club, Sophie, of course developed a bond with her horse. There are three different horses who play Belle and she has a unique and special bond with all of them.

Sophie is a very busy 14-year-old. She rides (of course!), ice-skates, cycles, loves swimming, plays piano, and plays soccer for her school. Her favourite subjects at school are reading and French and she loves doing projects. She also recently took a course in ceramics so she is now also very interested in clay and wood-works. She loves dancing both mordern and ballet, enjoys music, singing, piano, gutiar and violin and she very into clothes and says she would like to learn about fashion design.

The Saddle Club album Fun For Everyone was just released but before that Sophie had never really done much singing. She said that recording Hello World was a great opportunity and since then has had singing lessons and she started writing a bit on her own to. She says that she feels much more confident with her voice now. She sang with Lara and Keenan as well as one of her own songs Catch Me If You Can and on On Top Of The World she sang Everything We Do and again on Friends Forever, Kinda Wonderful.

Sophie would defiantly be one of the people who know Stevie best and she gets asked about her a lot, she quoted this on she and Stevies differences; From my eyes I see my character as a young girl who absolutely loves riding and friends. Though thought of as a tomboy, Stevie has a wacky sense of style. Stevie is brave, tough, and courageous. If a challenge comes along, Stevie is willing to try and do it. Often she is the idea maker in the group, though her ideas seem to sometimes be off the planet most of the time. I think that my major difference from Stevie is that I don't tend to be as courageous as her for some things. She hates schoolwork and I on the other hand really feel it's important to work hard at it. I am more into fashion than her, I love clothes and shopping. Though like Stevie I love my friends to death! and she also quoted generally on Stevie this: "I think Stevie is a really unique and cool person. She likes to shop and she is an excellent rider. She's very funky. She and I are alike in some ways. I like shopping as much as she does, but I'm more into modern clothes, like tank tops and clothes like that. But we both adore horses." After series 2 Sophie re-quoted Stevie; "Stevie is passionate about horses and she has an unusual fashion style. I love clothes and design but my style wouldn't be the same as hers. She is quite independent and so am I. Stevie is outgoing whereas I am a little shy at first until I get to know people."

In ten years time Sophie hopes to be somewhere that she is happy with. Maybe acting, fashion design or maybe something else, but she is keeping her options open because she likes photography to, so who knows?

Sophie Says: I would like to say a huge thank you to all the fans for your support. It has really made a difference.

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