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I have had to put Delilah and Teddy on the same page because the best infomation I could find about them was on the same page! So, about Delilah and Teddy. Teddy is Phil's horse, but he isn't boarded at Pine Hollow, he lives on Phil's farm, but he is brought out to Pine Hollow for Phil's lessons. Delilah is the horse that Carole rode before she got Starlight. Delilah is probably one of Carole's favourite horses, and even more so after she foaled Sampson to Cobolt, because Sampson is a living part of Cobolt, who died. They are palamino mare and gelding. Palamino is not a breed, but a colour. The palamino colour is a golden colour, but can vary in shades and horses of this colour have appeared throughout history; Ancient Greece, Asia, and Norway. Most people associate palaminos with North America because of the Spanish Conquistadors who took palomino horses there in great numbers and started to encourage the breeding of this type of colour. The palamino colour turns up in many different breeds but the best chance of breeding a palamino is to breed together two cross palaminos but even then the chance the foal will be one is only 50%. The foal could also be born a "Sorrel" (light Chestnut) or a "Crèmello" - each a 25% chance.