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ComancheComanche is a Pine Hollow school horse and Stevie rides her until she finds Belle. She is sweet and normally calm and good tempered for her riders. Comanche is a bay gelding. Bay is probably the most common colour of horses and ponies. They have a reddish brown coat and a black mane and tail. The colour bay is described as a "solid" or "whole" colour.
Bay is very popular in shown horses because their coat can be groomed into a sheen. When horses are in show rings riders try to exaggerate their horses and they do this often by using special horse make-up and on a bay black chalk is normally used.
You can also darken the colour of your horse depending on how much protien you feed it.
Don't worry if a horse you see out in the paddock doesn't look like any you've seen on TV or in a show, that's what you call a regular horse!