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BelleBelle is Stevie's horse. Stevie discovered Belle alone in a field and she was all skin and bone and her mane and tail her dull and mangy. She looked as though something had upset her, as though her heart had been broken so Stevie took her back to Pine Hollow and nursed her back to health and hoping no one would calim her, she named her 'Belle.' Stevie found learning to ride Belle diffcult at first, as she was such a 'high-strung' and mighty horse but after time Stevie could just walk outside into the paddock and call her and Belle would be there in a second (or less!). Belle was orginally called "No-Name" but Stevie didn't know that until the orginal owner saw the article Deborah (Max's finace) published about Stevie finding the horse but in the end the woman saw how much Stevie and Belle, or No-Name were meant to be together and let her keep her.
Belle is a dark brown Arabian Bay Saddlebred mare. Arab is known to be the oldest and purest breed of horses and thought to be breed up to 2000-3000 years ago and in many people's opinions, the most beautiful. They have large eyes, slightly dished faces and large nostrils. Arab horses are relitivly small (15hh) but are thought to be one of the more intelligent breeds. They are used to 'strength' other breeds of horse and pony.