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Phil Marsten


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Glenn MeldrumPhil Marsten is a member of the Cross County Pony Club, which is a neighbouring, rival Pony Club to Pine Hollow's own Horse Wise and he recently started taking lessons at Pine Hollow. Stevie and Phil are emensely competitive and while it is very obvious to everyone else that they are attracted to each other they are to busy trying to beat each other that they don't notice themselves.

Stevie pretends she doesn't care about Phil but she gets very jealous of any other who girl shows interest. And its confusing for poor while who can't work out what Stevie wants. It is a tumultuous friendship and a budding romance, but not without its hassles.

Phil's Favorite Things:

  • My favourite things are... riding horses!
  • My least favourite thing is... being embarrased infront of Stevie
  • My biggest secret is... I think Carole is good looking
  • The thing that people don't know about me is... I have a horse ready to buy
  • The most awesome thing I've ever done is... riding on the beach at full gallop
  • When I grow up I want to... be a professional horse trainer
  • My all-time idol is... Max
  • The best thing about horses is... they're so elegant
  • The best thing about my horse is... that Teddy's coat can change colours in the different seasons
  • My favourite place is... the country
  • On my bedroom wall I have posters of ...horses, and me jumping with Teddy
  • To cheer myself up I... ride Teddy in the country
  • The best present I ever got was Teddy!
  • I like people to think I'm... a nice person
  • My best friends are... the Saddle Club members
  • My favourite band is... Backstreet Boys
  • My favourite actor is... Mel Gibson