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Australia's Young Equestions Television Stars Are Riding In With A World-Premiere Show.

The ABC television series that has taken Australia by storm is set to create a sensation when it makes its world premiere live arena preformance at this year's Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Thrilling horse action, racing, exhibition riding and new and hit songs - plus lot's of laughs - make up this performance of The Saddle Club Arena Show LIVE at they Sydney SuperDome.

The three Saddle Club teenagers Lara Marshall, Sophie Bennett and Keenan Macwilliam, have become international superstars and are looking foward to their live performances at the show.

On stage, there will be drama galore when The Saddle Club girls find that Veronica is schemeing to upset their plans of competiting the in cross-country tag race. A friend rides to the rescue but its a beloved horse who really saves the day.

Australia's Crawfords Productions and Canada's Protocol Entertainment have teamed up with the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW to create this original performance. Starring the popular characters from the series and their horses, The Saddle Club LIVE can be seen from April 2-7 and again from April 9-12.

The hit TV show, filmed in Victoria, is about the bond between three girls Lisa (Marshall), Stevie (Bennett) and Carole (Macwilliam) and their love of horses and riding. The television series has been adapted from a series of novels by Bonnie Byrant, who has now written more than 100 tittles.

"The television show offers a fresh, wholesome experience that's taken off with both girls and boys and even parents" say Nick McMahon, Crawfords Productions CEO. "When Saddle Club goes live audiences can look foward to a new storyline combining all the elements that fans have come to expect - friendship, adventure, drama and great horse riding.

"Fans just can't get enough of The Saddle Club and the new arena show will give them another unique medium," he says.

Since the Australian-Candian production series premiered in 2001 on ABC-TV, the young actors have been elevated to superstar status with their live apperances at numerous shopping centres attracting hordes of adoring 'tween' fans. As the young actors prepare to take centre stage in front of a live audience of close to a quarter of a million people of the entire Show, they admit they are both excited and a little tentative.

"I'm nervous about the shows but in a good way," says Keenan Macwilliam who plays champion rider Carole Hanson. "I'm excited as I have never done an arena show before. The whole thing leaves me speechless.

"But U'm looking foward to seeing all the fans," she says. "It's great to be back in Australia, partly because of the weather! I'm also looking foward to riding the rollercoasters at the Easter Show, and eating heaps of cotton candy - that's fairy floss for Aussies!"

In between their busy schedule of live performances and school work, the girls say they're hoping to take time out to see some of the horse events at this year's Show.