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Veronica diAngelo


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Veronica is one of Willow Creeks prominant bankers spoiled daughters, and obviously very rich and she loves being admired for her very expensive, thoroughbred stallion, Cobalt but she doesn't look after him and doesn't love him like all the other girls love their horses, Stevie seems to do all that for her, and even when Cobolt dies, Veronica still doesn't learn her lesson. 

Veronica attends the same school as all the Saddle Club girls but unlike them, she hates it. She was quite happy at her expensive, exculsive, private girls school in the city but when her parents bought their estate in Willow Creek they thought it would be good for her to attend the local school like other kids.

Phil Marsten's family owns a large estate with a large breed of Arabian horses in a neighbouring town and Veronica automaticly develops a romantic interest in him but Phil only has eyes for Stevie.

Veronica's Favorite Things:

  • My favourite thing is being rich
  • My least favourite thing is falling for the Saddle Club's tricks
  • My biggest secret is that I have a crush on Phil
  • The thing that people don't know about me is that I'm jealous of the Saddle Club's friendship
  • The most awesome thing I've ever done is to beat Carole and Stevie at the spring horse Show
  • When I grow up I want to marry a very rich man
  • My all-time idol is Madonna
  • The best thing about horses is that I look good on them
  • The best thing about my horse is that he makes me look superior
  • My favourite place is the expensive restaurant in town
  • On my bedroom wall I have posters of Tom Cruise, Matt Leblanc, and Madonna
  • To cheer myself up I get Dad to buy me something expensive
  • The best present I ever got was was my mobile phone
  • I like people to think I'm pretty and rich
  • My best friend is Kristi
  • My favourite band is Cram
  • My favorite actor is Tom Cruise