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Sorry to break it to you guys, but Hello World was not first sung by the Saddle Club...
Introducing...BELLE PEREZ

Did you know that Hello World was not sung first sung by The Saddle Club? In fact, they had nothing to do with it at all... They probably weren't even born! Hello World is the first song, in a line of many, by Belle Perez, a 23 year old Spainsh born, happy-go-lucky chick living in Brussels.

She was spotted at a local talent show by a Belgian producer by the name Pat Renier, who was prepared to give her unique voice a chance on the charts, and this song really does say a lot about Belle. She's happy! She likes Shania Twain and George Michael, as well as The Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera. She likes going to the movies and loves Bruce Willis and Cameron Diaz.

Check out her website, where you can also listen to her version of Hello World and watch the video clip at