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The Saddle Club is Kias first professional engagement. She thought that she would just go to the audition for experience and it wouldnt matter whether she got the role or not, because it was her first go. When my mother told me I had got the role, I just froze; I couldn't speak for such a long time, then I started jumping up and down. It was such a big thing for me, Kia says.

Kia, like the other cast members, is has a very busy lifestyle. She plays basketball, does athletics and swimming; she has also competed in skiing competitions and bike marathons, Kia also likes to surf, water-ski and enjoys knee-boarding. She studies French and Japanese and she enjoys designing and making things and won the year 7 Design and Technology prize at school and her favourite subjects are art and drama. Kia also has her own philosophy: "It's nice to do something for someone and it's all about giving people something to smile about," she spends a lot of time doing volunteer work and thinks its an important thing to do. 

Kia is the master inside Kristi but says that they couldnt be more different, let's just say that it's a great challenge to play someone so different from myself! she says. She thinks that Kristi is "a very outgoing kind of girl. She tries to get any guy and she is really only riding at the stables to meet boys. She would really like to be a member of The Saddle Club, but she is pulled back by Veronica."

Kia says that her dream horse would know and understand each other. I think trust is also important. She also loves her horse on set, Barq; Barq and I get on GREAT!
We share a mutual trust for each other, which is cool.
She also loves the other horses on set; All the horses on set are gorgeous, but I love Anastasia (Hugo), Dolly (Cobalt / Belle trick horse) and Diablo (Raffael's horse).

Kia also enjoyed singing "Crush On You" for the first Saddle Club album and preforming it live on the very first ever Saddle Club Tour and her looked forward to next encounter with a recording studio came along for the next album On Top Of The World when she enjoyed being a part of the backing vocals for Hey Hey What You Say and doing a duet with Veronica (Heli Simpon) We Got Style. On the most recent album Kia worked closely with Lisa (Lara Marshall) to come up with Sooner Or Later of which Kia sings the main voals and shares the backing vocals with Marshall.

The very special thing about Kia is the closeness she shares with the other young cast members and the way she never forgets them. The worst thing is knowing that the Canadians have to go all the way home and we have to split up. I know that we will keep close contact until the 3rd series. Hint hint!! she says. She also sees the Australian cast on weekends and in the holidays. She calls the Canadian girls every Saturday night (Australian time, Sunday morning Canadian time.) and emails them everyday. "We have grown like sisters over the years and there is nothing as good as being part of The Saddle Club."

In 10 years time I hope to be happy, healthy and hopefully have done an action movie!