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Lisa Atwood


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Lisa AtwoodLisa Atwood

Lisa is a straight A student. Petite with the classic looks, good of course. She dresses in designer, colour co-ordinated clothes. She would never wear anything as individual as Stevie, but she admires her for being able to. Lisa seems stuck in an eternal struggle to over come her "good girl" image and is always happy if there is a way to prove herself to people, esspecially her mother.  

Lisa starts out riding Patch, a perfectly trained school pony at Pine Hollow and eventually graduates to riding Prancer, a chestnut thoroughbred, exracehorse mare. Lisa is very determined to make a show jumper out of Prancer but she hasn't quite gotten that far yet, in her so far, short riding carrer.

Lisa is completely loyal to her friends, but when it comes to boys Lisa's concetration wanders from the job. She is a natural flirt, and develops a series of little crushes, though she doesn't often act on them and like every other girl at Pine Hollow, she can't tear her eyes away from the stable hand, Red O'Malley. She also has a major crush on the teen movie star Skye Ranson who filmed a movie at Pine Hollow.

Lisa's mother, Eleanor, is a very determined social climber and she sees the horses as a way of her daughter being accepted into the 'right' circles. As well as riding lessons, Lisa takes ballet, piano, art and tennis classes and she is envious of girls who can go straight home after school and just veg out. Lisa's younger sister, Melanie worships her older sister and excels at everything she does and gets enrolled in Pine Hollow and somehow always seems to get in Lisa's way. 

Lisa's Favourite Things