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June 2003


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The Easter Show

Since the last issue of Horsewyse The Saddle Club Girls have been pretty busy. With Keenan and Sophie back in Australia for the Sydney Royal Easter Show there's been rehersal, press, sight-seeing and having fun together again!

Vicki was lucky enough to catch up with the girls for an interview at Shock Records
How does it feel being mobbed by fans?
"Its kind of scary," Sophie admitted. "I didn't realise that such small people could make so much noise! Its sureal, we're like...why are these people so excited to see me?"
I really love it," Lara said, "because you get the chance to be a lot more intimate with the fans"
Keenan, Sophie and Lara also got to go to this year's Logies ad their favourite part was walking down the red carpet.
"We also got to meet a lot of really cool people afterwards," said Keenan.
What would people be surprised to know about them?
"We ad lib on the songs, we're crazy that way," Keenan said, "We're kind of weird!"
Would they like to say anything to their fans?
"Keep watching the show and listening to the CD's," said Keenan.
"Thanks a lot for everything and for supporting us. Live your life to the fullest, live your dreams," Sophie added.
"Always believe in yourself," finished Lara.

Keenan and Sophie having a look through Horsewyse at Shock Records

Kia on Barq during rehersal for the Arena Show

Heli and Bert Newton during Heli's apperance on Good Morning Australia

Soph and Keenan get up close with some guinea pigs during their Secrets & Dreams photo shoot


These girls really are best friends!

Keenan, Soph and Lara at Shock Records

Kia and Caledonia before a preformace of the Arena Show

Soph and Dennis, the Arena Show director

Thanks a bunch to Vicki and her Horsewyse Team for all the pictures and info! See more of this interview on the Horsewyse website (and find out which cast member LOVES peanut butter and banana milkshakes!) at: this link.