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Saddle Club bad girl has something more to sing about


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Saddle Club bad girl has something more to sing about

THEY are the young stars who live out every little girl's dream of horsemanship and friendship and yesterday the Saddle Club team breezed in to Brisbane.
For actor Heli Simpson, yesterday's appearance at Toombul shopping centre, in Brisbane's inner northeast, marked a significant point in her young career the launch of her debut album as her Saddle Club alter ego.
The Melbourne 16-year-old plays bad girl Veronica in the television series inspired by the children's books written by Bonnie Bryant.
She is the first member of the Saddle Club team to produce a solo album, even though a singing career had never been part of her plans.
"I'd never considered it. I never thought of it as an opportunity, a possibility," she said yesterday.
But when the chance came her way early last year Simpson went hard to work, even co-writing two of the tracks on her album Princess Veronica, which joins Saddle Club's three top-selling cast albums on shelves this week.
For Simpson, the album is the latest in a line of achievements in her relatively short career.
"When I was six my mum decided I was a drama queen so she put me in a drama school," Simpson said.
After appearing in several advertisements, Simpson went on to star in Blue Heelers, Stingers, Halifax fp and most recently Fergus McPhail.
But while her calendar was fairly full last year, Simpson does not yet know where her career will take her this year.
"It's the first time I've felt unsure about what's up next," she said.
"But auditions will come up and if they don't I've got school to do."
The Saddle Club team will appear at the Logan Hyperdome from 2pm today.